Vagrant setup for c5 site

Submitted by ciscoheat - 7 years ago

Vagrant setup for a LAMP box with concrete 5.6 or 5.7.

Prerequisites (this is what takes most time)
1. Install VirtualBox from
2. Install Vagrant from
3. Install Node.js from
4. Clone or download viagrant from

1. Open a command prompt and go to the directory where you cloned or downloaded viagrant
2. Select a port for the website, for example 1234
3. Select a target directory for the website, for example /your/target/dir
4.a. For 5.6, execute "node build.js -p 1234:80 -o /your/target/dir c5"
4.b. For 5.7, execute "node build.js -p 1234:80 -o /your/target/dir c57"
5. Go to /your/target/dir and execute "vagrant up"

When installation is complete
URL: http://localhost:1234
Login: admin/admin

C5 installation: a "www" folder has been created in /your/target/dir.
SSH: localhost:2222, vagrant/vagrant (port can change when multiple machines are running)
DB (on the virtual machine): localhost, db name "c5", root/<no pwd>

Viagrant can be used to build many types of installations, execute "node build.js" for more info.
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